Quiz: Citing Textual Evidence

Assessment: Quiz. Demonstrate understanding of citing textual evidence to support analysis of informational text and inferences drawn from the text.

Today with odyssey, I did a quiz on citing textual evidence, and happily I got 5/5 which it was actually pretty easy, I didn’t think it was that hard. Something I am happy about. They asked me 5 questions where I had to read about one paragraph of an informational text, cite it and find evidence and details to answer the question.

Instruction/Practice: Plot, Character and Setting

Analyze and interpret characters and plot events by reading fictional passages and answering questions.

I did another assignment related to the same thing I have been doing for the previous day, I had to read a story about a girl who is concerned about her summer job in a crime lab. They asked me three questions. One of plot, one of characters, and one of the setting, I got them all right, not surprised since it was actually very easy.  I’m just hoping I can go back to the 900’s-1000’s range in STAR testing since back down to the 700’s in reading again, and I felt pretty confident on this last star test, so I have no clue what happened.


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