Plot, Character and Setting: Quiz 1

Apply and demonstrate knowledge of plot, characters, and setting by answering questions related to grade-level appropriate fictional texts. Remediation is answer specific and includes hints and strategies.

So I took reading skills on this assignment, and honestly I don’t think it was very hard. It was a test of five questions. I got 5/5 correct, so I don’t think that was that bad at all. It gave me 2 passages to read, and a lot of it was pure straight up easy questions where I can just answer them very quickly. It was mostly all done in like 10-15 minutes in total. The quiz wasn’t hard, so i’m very proud of myself for that, I did good.

Today I will be working on Project #3. Which is just gathering information about wood carving designs on wood for now, and the basics about the tools, since I’ve only wood-carved for a year, I feel like I still need more experience to do some graphic design or architectural design on wood. I am planning on using basswood on this project, since it’s easier.


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