So today for Pbl I did I have done a cite evidence in odyssey and it gave me very helpful information about citing and analyzing evidence. I am actually very confused with the work that i got in odyssey because I used to have levels of 1,000 and now i’m down to 790 in all of my tasks. I don’t think I did actually that bad on my star reading test, I actually felt pretty confident in my star reading test, I don’t think my levels should have gone that below, I’ve never been this below in reading. But I also had to read a passage about therapy dogs, and just had to get ideas to cite evidence and analyze the evidence that the passage has about therapy dogs. I learned how to have a better understanding in analyzing the evidence that they give me, it is actually pretty easy, just take out all the main details and ideas in the passage and just connect it all together to find out the main purpose of the passage. I also completed the Lyndon B Johnson excerpt that I never finished last class, so that I am happy about, I did have some difficult understanding at first, but then I figured it out as reading the passage.


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