Quiz: Citing Textual Evidence

Assessment: Quiz. Demonstrate understanding of citing textual evidence to support analysis of informational text and inferences drawn from the text.

Today with odyssey, I did a quiz on citing textual evidence, and happily I got 5/5 which it was actually pretty easy, I didn’t think it was that hard. Something I am happy about. They asked me 5 questions where I had to read about one paragraph of an informational text, cite it and find evidence and details to answer the question.

Instruction/Practice: Plot, Character and Setting

Analyze and interpret characters and plot events by reading fictional passages and answering questions.

I did another assignment related to the same thing I have been doing for the previous day, I had to read a story about a girl who is concerned about her summer job in a crime lab. They asked me three questions. One of plot, one of characters, and one of the setting, I got them all right, not surprised since it was actually very easy.  I’m just hoping I can go back to the 900’s-1000’s range in STAR testing since back down to the 700’s in reading again, and I felt pretty confident on this last star test, so I have no clue what happened.



Plot, Character and Setting: Quiz 1

Apply and demonstrate knowledge of plot, characters, and setting by answering questions related to grade-level appropriate fictional texts. Remediation is answer specific and includes hints and strategies.

So I took reading skills on this assignment, and honestly I don’t think it was very hard. It was a test of five questions. I got 5/5 correct, so I don’t think that was that bad at all. It gave me 2 passages to read, and a lot of it was pure straight up easy questions where I can just answer them very quickly. It was mostly all done in like 10-15 minutes in total. The quiz wasn’t hard, so i’m very proud of myself for that, I did good.

Today I will be working on Project #3. Which is just gathering information about wood carving designs on wood for now, and the basics about the tools, since I’ve only wood-carved for a year, I feel like I still need more experience to do some graphic design or architectural design on wood. I am planning on using basswood on this project, since it’s easier.


Instruction/Practice: Plot, Character and Setting

Analyze and interpret setting and characters and gain an understanding of how one element of fiction affects another by reading fictional passages and answering questions.

Today I spent the day doing this activity, it was actually the easiest activity I have done. This assignment just showed me how to understand how the plot connects with the character and setting. It gave me questions of word definitions and very easy questions of understanding the plot with some of the characters in the story. Especially just picking out the ideas from the story, connecting them to the story plot to get the answer.


So today for Pbl I did I have done a cite evidence in odyssey and it gave me very helpful information about citing and analyzing evidence. I am actually very confused with the work that i got in odyssey because I used to have levels of 1,000 and now i’m down to 790 in all of my tasks. I don’t think I did actually that bad on my star reading test, I actually felt pretty confident in my star reading test, I don’t think my levels should have gone that below, I’ve never been this below in reading. But I also had to read a passage about therapy dogs, and just had to get ideas to cite evidence and analyze the evidence that the passage has about therapy dogs. I learned how to have a better understanding in analyzing the evidence that they give me, it is actually pretty easy, just take out all the main details and ideas in the passage and just connect it all together to find out the main purpose of the passage. I also completed the Lyndon B Johnson excerpt that I never finished last class, so that I am happy about, I did have some difficult understanding at first, but then I figured it out as reading the passage.


Mostly everything in Compass Learning, I have done, so I had to read an article about Lyndon B Johnson and how he signed the civil rights bill in 1964. I also had to arrange some options from the civil rights bill, the ones that viewed it more as a positive change instead of restrictions that African Americans had. I learned many things about the civil rights bill, how many people viewed it, and what people did during the civil rights movement. There was many controversy over this, and he wanted people to view this as an act of freedom to African Americans, he didn’t want people to view this as limits or restrictions to them about what they can do.


So today is the new beginning of Project #3. I just took the star reading test, and to be very honest I was very confident with it, I don’t think I did bad at all, I will be very dissapointed with myself if I don’t get a good score on this star test reading that I just took today. My plan for Project #3 is to create something with non-fiction. I will be focused on reading most likely again. I would like to create a google slide and teach the world about the facts and history of hummingbirds.  I would also add the whole research and work cited on the google slide.  I was inspired by the website to create something like this.

Our Epic Nonfiction Project