So today I did some skill learning on odyssey campus learning. Believe it or not, I prefer opened much better, because I feel like I learn and preserve my reading skills better in this one.

Instruction/Practice: Plot, Character and Setting

I had this assignment today, because there really aren’t many assignments that I can do on odyssey, and this assignment was pretty easy, it started off with giving me a story, and kind of in a way narrating it to me as I go through the passage. Then I chose the best answer that goes with the plot, characters, and setting. So this really wasn’t hard at all, I feel like even a smart kindergartner can get these questions correct., well obviously if the child is really smart. they would get this all right. Then they gave me a short story passage called “Maribel vs the tropical tornado” where she has to face her fear in a large water slide that she went on. It also gave me questions about the story where it didn’t told me if it was wrong or right. I didn’t finish the passage, So i’m not sure how it ends. Right now I am looking over at what I have practiced in my odyssey account.  I am also looking for sources that I need online, they are sources that I need for the PBL project, the car project. I am just hoping it will turn out nice.


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