Analyzing, Drawing Inferences, and citing evidence.

  • Analyze a text to understand its message by identifying key ideas and their supporting details.
  • Cite evidence by identifying information that supports your thinking. 


  • Identify the key ideas or message.
  • Identify the details that support the key ideas or message.

Drawing Inferences

  • Think about what the text says directly.
  • Apply your background Knowledge.
  • Draw a conclusion.

Citing Evidence

  • Identify any information stated directly in the text that helped you analyze or draw an inference.
  • Determine the information that BEST supports your analysis and inferences.


On odyssey the lesson that I had mainly focused on this, based on my scores in star testing, this was an assignment that didn’t have anything about testing, or having multiple choice questions. It didn’t give you a score either.It was just a passage in a video. It gives you really great information about citing especially, how to figure out if this information will help you.

For Project #2 I’ve had thoughts, and i’m just wondering how that car will come out later on, if I do decide to do it, or else I would have to find something new to work on for project #2.



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