What I have done during this practice is start part 2 from the passage I did last class. It helps you understand  a passage better. It gives you many information that will help with article in the future. If you are probably lets say, confused with any politics reading, a passage like this will probably be the gateway to help you in reading something like this. It gives you the details about the passage, what the center ideas are, and what it is trying to tell us. The passage was mainly about Gandhi, and it gave me  question and I got it right, which I am very happy about, it shows that I understand what I am reading. I am also finishing up Project #2 for semester #2 which is analyzing poems, and understanding what they mean.



So today in PBL I did an assessment on a story, and just reading a passage from it and understanding what the passage tried to tell me. It gave me many tips and ideas that I should lookout for when I am reading a passage. I read a passage about making a difference day.  It showed how 2 girls from Illinois showed their government that the people should donate 5,000 teddy bears to children with diseases at hospitals. It gave me a question about which statement of the question is the best one. I got the question correct which made me happy, because this shows how much I understood this passage. I am almost done in finishing Project #1.


Today in Pbl I worked on another assessment in odyssey. Honestly I am getting a little bit tire of this reading assessments, just for the fact, that it tricks me like there is a lot of them, but only a few certain work. So basically what I learned during practice was Greek and Latin words, and suffixes, roots, and prefixes. It helps me understand a word better when it comes that I don’t know what they mean, or even just going over through things like this will bring me more knowledge about English reading.


So today I did some skill learning on odyssey campus learning. Believe it or not, I prefer opened much better, because I feel like I learn and preserve my reading skills better in this one.

Instruction/Practice: Plot, Character and Setting

I had this assignment today, because there really aren’t many assignments that I can do on odyssey, and this assignment was pretty easy, it started off with giving me a story, and kind of in a way narrating it to me as I go through the passage. Then I chose the best answer that goes with the plot, characters, and setting. So this really wasn’t hard at all, I feel like even a smart kindergartner can get these questions correct., well obviously if the child is really smart. they would get this all right. Then they gave me a short story passage called “Maribel vs the tropical tornado” where she has to face her fear in a large water slide that she went on. It also gave me questions about the story where it didn’t told me if it was wrong or right. I didn’t finish the passage, So i’m not sure how it ends. Right now I am looking over at what I have practiced in my odyssey account.  I am also looking for sources that I need online, they are sources that I need for the PBL project, the car project. I am just hoping it will turn out nice.


So today I will be on Campus Learning, in the reading category since that it my weakest side.

So since last class the whole practice was on analyzing and citing evidence, this class they are giving me an excerpt of the 2014 state of union from president Barack Obama.

So as I was studying this, well going over this, it gives me this passage of what Obama wants to do, and it gave me many ideas of what to understand out of the whole text.

It later gave me a question where it quoted something that Obama said, and I then had multiple choices where I had to choose which one of those questions most related to the quote that Obama said. His quote said that more Jobs will bring the world to an better world with new and resourceful resources.

I got the question correct, but I didn’t finish the whole thing, since there was a lot of reading. I will try to get it all done by next class.


Analyzing, Drawing Inferences, and citing evidence.

  • Analyze a text to understand its message by identifying key ideas and their supporting details.
  • Cite evidence by identifying information that supports your thinking. 


  • Identify the key ideas or message.
  • Identify the details that support the key ideas or message.

Drawing Inferences

  • Think about what the text says directly.
  • Apply your background Knowledge.
  • Draw a conclusion.

Citing Evidence

  • Identify any information stated directly in the text that helped you analyze or draw an inference.
  • Determine the information that BEST supports your analysis and inferences.


On odyssey the lesson that I had mainly focused on this, based on my scores in star testing, this was an assignment that didn’t have anything about testing, or having multiple choice questions. It didn’t give you a score either.It was just a passage in a video. It gives you really great information about citing especially, how to figure out if this information will help you.

For Project #2 I’ve had thoughts, and i’m just wondering how that car will come out later on, if I do decide to do it, or else I would have to find something new to work on for project #2.