I did this reading passage on odyssey, and it was about a French family. The story was called the necklace. The video started a little bit with brief information and background of what the story will be about, It gave me ideas, like why the author wrote it, the characters in the story, the setting, and many simple basic things like that. I didn’t quite finish the story, I was still in process of reading it, But I’ll make sure that next class i’ll get everything done. I was already at the questions section. I got back my scores for Star test, and I am actually satisfied with them, I grew in Reading, and it turned out that it was my highest score which is a 899. I am very happy about that. I have to gain 29 points in reading before the school year in order to reach the projected score. In math I feel like I wont have a problem. I’ve been gaining in math a lot. I only have to gain 7 points in math in order to reach my projected score. So I’m not really worried about that one. I had a discussion with Mr. Paltzer, and I will be focusing on Reading again, mainly in literature which my project will be about.


  • Analyze plot structure and development, including how conflicts are resolved (e.g., how particular lines of dialogue and events propel the action or reveal character)
  • Analyze characters’ traits, responses, and motives and how the central character influences the plot or theme.
  • Analyze how authors reveal character (e.g., thoughts, dialogue, dialect)
  • Analyze the importance and influence of setting on characters, plot, theme, mood, tone, and meaning (e.g., how does the setting influence a character’s outlook or prospects?)

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