Integrate and Evaluate Multiple Sources

This was the toughest assignment iv’e had so far, It is so difficult to understand, I got 1/3 It is about a Tuberculosis graphic, and it tells you questions that have so much.

Determine the Meaning of Words and Phrases Assessment

On Opened This assignment was way better, It was interesting to read, and I liked the way it was all layed out. There was 5 different sections in this part. It was mostly about poems, and phrases where we had to understand the words in it, in order to find the meaning of that passage. I felt pretty darn confident doing this assignment, because it was fun to do. It didn’t have anything with reading a lot. It just got to the point, and that is the thing I liked about it. It also helps me a lot with understanding words in the future, with reading books and many other things. I got 11/12 in the assignment which I am pretty proud of myself for that, because this time it was real, this assignment made me go over it a lot of times to make sure I get a good score.

I am officially more than halfway there on my project. It is turning out good.



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