Central Idea in Nonfiction

A quick overview of central idea in nonfiction and the different types of supporting details to look for when determining central idea.

This is a great video because it shows me many great examples of how we can figure out the central idea from the details that an author gives you in a book or passage.

The story won’t just have the central idea right there so we can just look at it and know it’s there. They never tell us where it is, we need to find clues, and the little things in the book so we can all come up with a central idea. Or else the book wouldn’t be fun, because you are trying to investigate “why?”

Determine an Author’s Point of View or Purpose

So I took this and you just have to figure out what the author is trying to show out of the passage that it shows me in every question. So I took this again, because I need to practice on this. I got 4/5 which is great, I am okay with this score. I am happy that I can achieve something like this, and remember my skills, because they can disappear if you don’t practice.

So today I will be working on my project, and my book is still in process. My book is about halfway there, so I am almost done with it.


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