So today i finished the reading of the Necklace in Odyssey, and It wasn’t really that hard to understand, it kind of left a message behind, the assignment gave me two readings in total, having 10 different sections. But after the 1st reading it gave me a question kind of asking me how would I describe the main character in the story, and I got the question correct, which was a little bit of a surprise because a lot of the options were very similar, so it got me confused at one point, until I realized that I just had to concentrate and remember what was in the story, or what seemed the most accurate answer.

So I’ve been researching about my 1st project, and Im thinking that I will make a long poem based on literature.



I did this reading passage on odyssey, and it was about a French family. The story was called the necklace. The video started a little bit with brief information and background of what the story will be about, It gave me ideas, like why the author wrote it, the characters in the story, the setting, and many simple basic things like that. I didn’t quite finish the story, I was still in process of reading it, But I’ll make sure that next class i’ll get everything done. I was already at the questions section. I got back my scores for Star test, and I am actually satisfied with them, I grew in Reading, and it turned out that it was my highest score which is a 899. I am very happy about that. I have to gain 29 points in reading before the school year in order to reach the projected score. In math I feel like I wont have a problem. I’ve been gaining in math a lot. I only have to gain 7 points in math in order to reach my projected score. So I’m not really worried about that one. I had a discussion with Mr. Paltzer, and I will be focusing on Reading again, mainly in literature which my project will be about.


  • Analyze plot structure and development, including how conflicts are resolved (e.g., how particular lines of dialogue and events propel the action or reveal character)
  • Analyze characters’ traits, responses, and motives and how the central character influences the plot or theme.
  • Analyze how authors reveal character (e.g., thoughts, dialogue, dialect)
  • Analyze the importance and influence of setting on characters, plot, theme, mood, tone, and meaning (e.g., how does the setting influence a character’s outlook or prospects?)


02/16/17 FINAL PROJECT #1

Today I did testing on math for the STAR test, but I mostly took all my time finishing this test, there was many questions where I didn’t know what I was doing, but I had to think critically and use my time wisely on that. I feel like it actually went by pretty well as long as I don’t get nothing that’s below my average that is scaled for me.

I finished my product, I made a short children’s book where it’s somewhat educational at some point. It’s about two girls that have a struggle in choosing a citric fruit for a fundraising that they are planning on doing for a trip. It’s educational because it shows that hard work and that 2 heads is better than 1. I liked my final product for the reading category, it was fun, and I mean I basically became an author.


Today I will be on opened and I will be practicing my skills on

Determine an Author’s Purpose or Point of View

This was a very good assignment, and I am really happy about it because it does help you out a lot with your skills. On my 1st try I got 4/5 questions correct which is a 80%. I am very satisfied with that because this shows that I am improving with my school work, and perhaps I might get even better later on with these skills for my ACT test on junior year. I am actually trying, I am not guessing, remembering my previous answers. My mind is actually functioning for this. I am really happy that I am getting this correct, it shows how much I am improving without re-taking it.


Integrate and Evaluate Multiple Sources

This was the toughest assignment iv’e had so far, It is so difficult to understand, I got 1/3 It is about a Tuberculosis graphic, and it tells you questions that have so much.

Determine the Meaning of Words and Phrases Assessment

On Opened This assignment was way better, It was interesting to read, and I liked the way it was all layed out. There was 5 different sections in this part. It was mostly about poems, and phrases where we had to understand the words in it, in order to find the meaning of that passage. I felt pretty darn confident doing this assignment, because it was fun to do. It didn’t have anything with reading a lot. It just got to the point, and that is the thing I liked about it. It also helps me a lot with understanding words in the future, with reading books and many other things. I got 11/12 in the assignment which I am pretty proud of myself for that, because this time it was real, this assignment made me go over it a lot of times to make sure I get a good score.

I am officially more than halfway there on my project. It is turning out good.



Central Idea in Nonfiction

A quick overview of central idea in nonfiction and the different types of supporting details to look for when determining central idea.

This is a great video because it shows me many great examples of how we can figure out the central idea from the details that an author gives you in a book or passage.

The story won’t just have the central idea right there so we can just look at it and know it’s there. They never tell us where it is, we need to find clues, and the little things in the book so we can all come up with a central idea. Or else the book wouldn’t be fun, because you are trying to investigate “why?”

Determine an Author’s Point of View or Purpose

So I took this and you just have to figure out what the author is trying to show out of the passage that it shows me in every question. So I took this again, because I need to practice on this. I got 4/5 which is great, I am okay with this score. I am happy that I can achieve something like this, and remember my skills, because they can disappear if you don’t practice.

So today I will be working on my project, and my book is still in process. My book is about halfway there, so I am almost done with it.


Close Reading Non-fiction

This instructional video explores how students can use close reading skills to unpack central ideas, find supporting details and analyze themes in informational texts.

So this video gave me a passage to read about ancient Asia, and it wanted me to have a pencil with me at all time throughout the whole video because it wanted me to write down words that I didn’t really know or understand. So after that it helped out ¬†giving ideas in how or what ways did these words relate to the passage.

I am also working on my fiction story, called “Lemon or Lime?” it is an awesome story of Two twin girls who debate on what citric fruit to use for making food to fund raise for their trip.


Determine Central Ideas

This is something i worked on today. Since I haven’t done this assignment in months, I thought it would be a great idea to go over this process. I took it again, and I was actually pretty satisfied with my score. I mean I didn’t remember anything that they asked me about it before. But I got 4/5 which I think it is very accurate, because there is one question where it was “mark all that apply” which I got partially correct. And I am very happy that on the multiple choice questions i got them all correct. I am happy that I developed this skill, because determining ideas and the main purpose of a story or passage has been a struggle to me for a long time. I didn’t get to work on project #1 in class due to the fact that I had to go take 2 pictures during class for Portuguese Club and Green Club.