Today I will spend 30 minutes of opened watching videos about my reading skills in order to get better at them, for the future in college, to the rest of the years that I have in High School, in order to just not forget about them later on.

Common Core Literature 4 Word Choice and Tone

This video helps students identify the tone of a text by understanding the word choice and meaning in a piece of writing. It elaborates on the denotation and connotation of words as well as different figures of speech.

This video was about ten minutes long and it gives you many descriptions and information about many Literary devices, and it’s helpful because it’s a little bit  of a throwback since it’s something that we all have to keep learning, since there are many literary devices out there. We all need a fresh start once in a while to learn them again, for example I learned what an irony was today again, and it’s something where opposite words and their literal meaning is different. this was actually a pretty good video since it had many details and great examples where I could use them to understand the literary devices more.

I started to work more on the book/fiction information book for project #1 It is about making the world a green world, because scientists predicted that by the year of 2050, many resources will be extinct, and that this world that we live in will be really hot and crowded. So basically the book is just about giving information in how everyone in the world can make a difference, even if it’s little differences, it can little by little. But we need more newer resources for the future.


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