Today I am on opened, and Mr. Paltzer uploaded many videos to help me out a lot on my reading skills, so it will be a little it of a throwback since I learned about identifying text structures, and I went over something that I really forgot how to do or to  put good main ideas into a sentence in order to make that sentence stronger. Which later became a weakness for me last year, it’s nice going over these things right now because it shows me what big accomplishments one can do by just studying these skills, these are skills that will be with us together.


OpenEd Skills videos

Identifying Text Structures Video

Tutorial on various types of literary text structures.

How Writers Use Synonyms for Tone and Mood

Recognizing TONE and MOOD when reading is an essential skill needed to fully understand any narrative. You should always try to picture the meaning of the words. This video uses synonyms, idioms and expressions to show HAPPY, SAD and ANGRY. Suitable for fourth-grade and older students.


I was also working on Project 1 on story jumper, most likely I will end up doing  it in this website, I think it is a good website to learn from people with information about whatever topic they write about. I am barely starting on this project so I don’t know much right now, I will just stick to creating a small non fiction book about the environment as project 1 and just adding my skills that I need to improve on into it.


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