Today I am currently working in the same area as last time, I am practicing the same skill for Reading, to figure out the ideas in order to get an answer correct, I am practicing ACT Science again like last time for Reading in order to improve in reading skills. I retook the ACT science and I got nine out of ten questions correct. There are 3 mistakes on the assessment, (2) “most likely what does this word mean” questions don’t come out in the passage, so I was still very confused about that, but I just took a guess on them and I still got those right. Another was in a question it had 2 multiple choice as the same option, and I clicked one and it came out wrong. So I had to click the other one instead in order to get it right. I also read “What does democracy mean to me?” and so far I am doing great on that, I didn’t finish it or started on the question. Hopefully I’ll get a good score on it over the week. After all the ideas I’ve had for my project #1 in Reading, and websites I have been going through, none caught my attention, they were either boring or just to complicated to use. I saw Story Jumper and it kind of got my attention, I started to play with it a little, until I finally liked it. It is simple, not hard to use, and it’s fun. I started to make a non-fiction book called “Th!nk Green!” which is about the environment. I hope that goes well for my 1st project of semester 2.


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