Today I will mainly be working on my English reading skills on opened.

I haven’t had a great time with practicing my ACT so maybe doing my ACT practice on the reading category with science, even though it is science what i’m reading, it is still science because I need to understand what the passage says. It is kind of confusing because it is mostly about science and biology, and it talks about many confusing things that have to do with the marine life, mainly focused on eels. I found it weird at some point because there wasn’t 2 questions it asked in the passage, which was pretty weird. Out of the 10 questions that it asked me, I got 6 right, which i don’t think it’s great, but it’s more than half of the questions right, but i know that in the future i can do better. I went on scratch.edu and honestly it is probably the most confusing, and weird website I have come through.


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