SEMESTER 2!!! 01/09/17

Semester 2 started, and I hope I take really good choices this semester, because I really want to be at where I was in reading like in the beginning of the year. That’s why today I took the Star test reading, and I think personally I did pretty well, I don’t think I did bad, as long as I pick it up. I noticed that some questions determine when you get the question right or wrong, they will give you an easier question. I went to Project Quest and since I mainly want to pick up my star test reading score first, I am focusing on a reading fiction project.  Out of all these really great ideas I think the one that I will stick to the most because I found it the most interesting is Character Astrology, since Astrology is something that I have been studying for a very long time. It would be really fun to find that out based on their personality. But I also like the pamphlet idea, I think it’s creative and unique to do for a book character.


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