How Writers Use Synonyms for Tone and Mood

Recognizing TONE and MOOD when reading is an essential skill needed to fully understand any narrative. You should always try to picture the meaning of the words. This video uses synonyms, idioms and expressions to show HAPPY, SAD and ANGRY. Suitable for fourth-grade and older students.

The video explains briefly how there are many synonyms that can relate to the mood of  a passage. While tone is more of the way the author presents a character. For example lets say that Aria is Sad because her cat died. The author describes her as depressed, stressed, gloomy. While the reader can get mood out of the character by feeling lonely.

I was also working on my project. Which is coming out okay. The informational book is still in process. But I hope that everything comes out good in it. I will also add similes, even though it is non-fiction.



Today I will spend 30 minutes of opened watching videos about my reading skills in order to get better at them, for the future in college, to the rest of the years that I have in High School, in order to just not forget about them later on.

Common Core Literature 4 Word Choice and Tone

This video helps students identify the tone of a text by understanding the word choice and meaning in a piece of writing. It elaborates on the denotation and connotation of words as well as different figures of speech.

This video was about ten minutes long and it gives you many descriptions and information about many Literary devices, and it’s helpful because it’s a little bit  of a throwback since it’s something that we all have to keep learning, since there are many literary devices out there. We all need a fresh start once in a while to learn them again, for example I learned what an irony was today again, and it’s something where opposite words and their literal meaning is different. this was actually a pretty good video since it had many details and great examples where I could use them to understand the literary devices more.

I started to work more on the book/fiction information book for project #1 It is about making the world a green world, because scientists predicted that by the year of 2050, many resources will be extinct, and that this world that we live in will be really hot and crowded. So basically the book is just about giving information in how everyone in the world can make a difference, even if it’s little differences, it can little by little. But we need more newer resources for the future.


Today I am on opened, and Mr. Paltzer uploaded many videos to help me out a lot on my reading skills, so it will be a little it of a throwback since I learned about identifying text structures, and I went over something that I really forgot how to do or to  put good main ideas into a sentence in order to make that sentence stronger. Which later became a weakness for me last year, it’s nice going over these things right now because it shows me what big accomplishments one can do by just studying these skills, these are skills that will be with us together.


OpenEd Skills videos

Identifying Text Structures Video

Tutorial on various types of literary text structures.

How Writers Use Synonyms for Tone and Mood

Recognizing TONE and MOOD when reading is an essential skill needed to fully understand any narrative. You should always try to picture the meaning of the words. This video uses synonyms, idioms and expressions to show HAPPY, SAD and ANGRY. Suitable for fourth-grade and older students.


I was also working on Project 1 on story jumper, most likely I will end up doing  it in this website, I think it is a good website to learn from people with information about whatever topic they write about. I am barely starting on this project so I don’t know much right now, I will just stick to creating a small non fiction book about the environment as project 1 and just adding my skills that I need to improve on into it.


Today I am currently working in the same area as last time, I am practicing the same skill for Reading, to figure out the ideas in order to get an answer correct, I am practicing ACT Science again like last time for Reading in order to improve in reading skills. I retook the ACT science and I got nine out of ten questions correct. There are 3 mistakes on the assessment, (2) “most likely what does this word mean” questions don’t come out in the passage, so I was still very confused about that, but I just took a guess on them and I still got those right. Another was in a question it had 2 multiple choice as the same option, and I clicked one and it came out wrong. So I had to click the other one instead in order to get it right. I also read “What does democracy mean to me?” and so far I am doing great on that, I didn’t finish it or started on the question. Hopefully I’ll get a good score on it over the week. After all the ideas I’ve had for my project #1 in Reading, and websites I have been going through, none caught my attention, they were either boring or just to complicated to use. I saw Story Jumper and it kind of got my attention, I started to play with it a little, until I finally liked it. It is simple, not hard to use, and it’s fun. I started to make a non-fiction book called “Th!nk Green!” which is about the environment. I hope that goes well for my 1st project of semester 2.


Today I will mainly be working on my English reading skills on opened.

I haven’t had a great time with practicing my ACT so maybe doing my ACT practice on the reading category with science, even though it is science what i’m reading, it is still science because I need to understand what the passage says. It is kind of confusing because it is mostly about science and biology, and it talks about many confusing things that have to do with the marine life, mainly focused on eels. I found it weird at some point because there wasn’t 2 questions it asked in the passage, which was pretty weird. Out of the 10 questions that it asked me, I got 6 right, which i don’t think it’s great, but it’s more than half of the questions right, but i know that in the future i can do better. I went on scratch.edu and honestly it is probably the most confusing, and weird website I have come through.


Today I am on opened, and I am currently reviewing everything that I did last semester, I want to make sure that I don’t lose none of those skills, I need them especially for the ACT next year. I am currently working on informational text since it is a hard topic for me due to the fact that it’s hard for me to figure out what is the point of view of the story or passage that I’m reading.  I also had to analyze a speech which I didn’t find that challenging because it was more about getting information that related to the passage. Everything in that I was working on for reading actually went pretty well. Mr. Paltzer went through a quick discussion to the Reading group about Twine, which is a cool designing page, to just give us an idea for project 3. I was playing around with it for a while and it seems kind of confusing, but it seems like you need to get he hang of it. It seems like a pretty good and unique website to use for a project, I’m still researching and trying to figure out what I would still like to do.


Today I got my star tests results back, I went up on both of them which is something that I am really proud of, but I was still discouraged with my reading score since It didn’t meet the on task line. That’s when it hit me hard. I still need to work a lot on reading. So I was working today mainly on my reading skills, I went to opened and I was working on the one where it helps you understand what the author’s point of view is the passage, I felt more confident than semester 1. I got 3 out of 5 the first time, which I think is good. The 2nd time I got 4 out of 5, I got one better, but the third time I got 5 out of 5. It takes time to get something like this all right, It takes a lot of practice to get something like this right. I also did the Frederick Douglass one, and the first time I did get 3 out of 5, but going on to the 2nd time I got 5 out of 5. It just takes practice and a lot of thinking with no distractions. I really hope that by next time, I will get a better reading score. On math I am actually all good so I am happy about that. I also had a meeting with Mr Pultzer about project 1, I have an idea of making a brochure with the characters names, and trying to connect the theme of the story with their interactions.

SEMESTER 2!!! 01/09/17

Semester 2 started, and I hope I take really good choices this semester, because I really want to be at where I was in reading like in the beginning of the year. That’s why today I took the Star test reading, and I think personally I did pretty well, I don’t think I did bad, as long as I pick it up. I noticed that some questions determine when you get the question right or wrong, they will give you an easier question. I went to Project Quest and since I mainly want to pick up my star test reading score first, I am focusing on a reading fiction project.  Out of all these really great ideas I think the one that I will stick to the most because I found it the most interesting is Character Astrology, since Astrology is something that I have been studying for a very long time. It would be really fun to find that out based on their personality. But I also like the pamphlet idea, I think it’s creative and unique to do for a book character.