As the last day of PBL today, I will have to work hard on getting my project #3 done since It is due today in class. But first I had to do some last practice, So I Decided to work on geometry for 15 minutes in Khan Academy, and I got a streak of 5 questions which was pretty good, which means i have improvements in geometry, I also did a little bit of Pre-calculus to just experience it, I didn’t really get it as much, but for this topic It needs a lot of practice. I was also finishing up my project 3 in class, and I was basically doing a graph with information as my product, and it’s all about indigenous languages with family members of friends, to see if indigenous languages sill live around the Latin America today, or if it’s only Spanish no a days. We also worked with the construction paper. I worked on making a mayan crown to represent indigenous languages, but it didm;’t workout, so now I have to finish my project at home and turn it in by tomorrow. But so far everything has been really good this year.


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