Today I will be working on Opened, and I practiced assignments of science 1 for practice on the ACT.  A lot of those questions were based on eels on how they developed and lived in the Sargasso sea. It was kind of complicated, but I used the skills of re-reading again since reading the passage more than once can benefit you a lot, in answering questions, but as well as in learning new words or vocabulary that can benefit you a lot for the future. I also saw a video that teaches you in transitions, and I am currently still watching it, it lasts about 8 minutes, but it also shows you about finding main ideas and details in passages. I have also been working on my project #3 where I already have 4 sources, and I plan on doing my product by tomorrow. My product will probably be a chart about Latino students ethnic background, and asking them if they have indigenous languages that they speak or family speaks.


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