10/31/16 Halloween!!!

Today was just finishing up my research that I have been doing for my product that I will be doing in the future. since my essential question is about making a better world, and how can people contribute to make a better world. So most likely my product will be on making small pan flits, and pass those out with people asking them what can we do to have a better world. I will have to fit my standards into all this.



Today was all about research in my project, I can say it was my last day of research since mostly all of my work is already done, so I just have to make my product and it will most likely be a graph because I have to put math in it, but I also have to put a lot of description into it, since it has also reading standards. I just have to get all my sources, and try to get everything in order.


So today I did the STAR test and it wasn’t hard, I only did the English one for today because I felt that I performed the worst on that one last time since I felt that I wasn’t paying the attention I was supposed to last time, I did it this time. I was also working on my skills in khan academy, with linear equations and exponents. I have to practice on these skills in order to do my project correct.


I have been researching about my 2nd project, and I have my official essential question, and it does have to do with geography since it has to do about making a better world, constructing it better. It’s about making tiny changes to the world , making it cleaner, making it green. I was also trying to work on my standards and trying to figure out a product.


I spent most of my time on Google docs, and researching about my topic, I was going through my research question, and finding websites that can fit with my topic but where they yet fit with my essential question, because It’s kind of hard finding sources when it comes to an essential question about making the world green. I also spent some time on Opened, because I also have to work on my skills and I mastered on one assignment which brought me happiness. Since I have only 3 weeks left to finish this project, I have to get this done really quick.


Today I was working on my essential question, and I figured out that I had to do it on countries, since I am a geography person, I had to do it on geography, I based it of from what types of countries do people like the most to travel. And this will be based of from the weather, uniqueness, and touristic places around the country. My standards will also be part of the project once I go into the product.


I practiced on equations and inequalities on khan academy, and since my project is going to be about geography, I am most likely going to do stuff with the population of countries and the size when it comes to Area, and I have to practice on my math skills with that. I would also have to do a lot of research in 15 countries to dig into more specific details about them to make a project with lots of information.  I found resources that are actually credible to put in information.